Shirad Salaheddine

Shirad Salaheddine

Senior Solutions Consultant

Shirad Salaheddine is a Senior Technology Consultant at Oracle in Dubai. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the American University of Science & Technology in Lebanon, and is currently completing his Executive MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute.

Shirad started his professional career in Abu Dhabi as a Mobile Application Developer in 2001. Overtime, he made his way through consultancy across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, fitting emerging technologies with business value. Then, he extended his interests towards the combination of disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Analytics for multiple industries.

Today, Shirad emphasizes the value of transformation. Transformation starts with us, he says. This means transforming our mindsets so we can learn and accept to do things differently, for a better way forward. Hence, leading to the transformation of the Enterprise. That’s where the true essence of Digital Transformation rest in.

On the personal level, Shirad’s happiness is defined through hiking, cycling, reading self-improvement books, putting technology to good use, traveling across the world, and his favorite is public speaking.

Join the stage with Shirad Salaheddine to discuss his topic broadly, in leveraging Blockchain to become a Smart & Happy City.