“Blockchain will allow us to have automation of workflow and transparent accountability within the industry." - Anoop Nannra, Cisco

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The 27th November sees the start of Blockchain Summit Dubai 2018 as part of the Leading Blockchain for Business Event Series. With extensive talks and panels, and over 350 attendees, it is set to be the top event of the Dubai blockchain calendar.

Free tickets to the event have now sold out due to exceptional demand to see our speakers, who are all elite within their field (Paid passes are still available here!) These include guests such as Anoop Nannra from Cisco, where he is a Director in Cisco’s Chief Strategy Office heading up the Blockchain Organization. He is focused on identifying disruptive technologies and accelerating their adoption through business incubation via co-development, co-innovation, partnerships and acquisitions. 

Anoop Nannra will be speaking at Blockchain Summit Dubai about how to ‘Build Trust Based Business Networks for Digital Transformation’ and took some time to complete the Dubai Summit Speaker Q&A:


How are you using or planning to use Blockchain in your organisation?

We will be using Blockchain as a Global Supply Chain.

2.     What benefits do you think Blockchain will bring to your industry?

Blockchain will allow us to have automation of workflow and transparent accountability within the industry.

3.     What will it take for Blockchain to go mainstream?

It will take five more years of global ecosystem development to allow Blockchain to become mainstream.

4.     Where do you see restrictions in Blockchain technology currently and how can they be overcome?

Regulations are the key restriction in the ongoing development of Blockchain technology - we must work closely with regulators and policy makers globally. 

5.     How should Blockchain be regulated?

Blockchain technology should be regulated through light governance, adherence to best practices in security and the creation of legally defensible smart contracts.